FRAContract_With America

I have been telling people of All Calibers about the FED Reserve Bank and it’s Owners for so long that I am running out of steam.
 It seems that ALL Politicians who claim to want to Make a Difference in Washington, are really more concerned for their Life Long Pay Check, then they’re Constituents well being. I have been researching the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, signed into LAW by Woodrow Wilson at the insistence of Edward Mandel House who was working Directly for the Bankers of that day, and that Document was an EVIL CONTRACT Directed at the REAL Owners of America, it’s Citizens, to Trick every American out of their Natural Wealth and Inheritance. And they have done a Grand Job of it too…
If you have the Stones to check into it for yourself, which I doubt many of you do, Contact the Congressional Library, and Request a copy of The ORIGINAL TEXT of the Federal Reserve Act that was signed into Law by Woodrow Wilson, and READ IT FOR YOURSELF. It is Replete with Loop Holes that give the Bankers of the Federal Reserve Bank, FULL CONTROL of the US Government (IF) the US Government Defaults on the contract, which happened in the Late 1930’s and early 1940’s, which is called the National Debt…
When that happened, the FED Bankers took Receivership of the US Government (A Bankruptcy Term), and replaced OUR US Constitution with the US CODE and Uniform Commercial Code, that has Regulated EVERY ASPECT of our lives ever sense. If you say Different, you are Denying Truth It’s Self.
That CONTRACT, Empowers the FED Bankers so that NOTHING HAPPENS BY ACCIDENT in Washington, and it’s ALL still Bad News. Also, in the first few lines of the contract, if someone wants to AUDIT THE FED, the Contract allows the Bankers to HAND PICK THEY’RE OWN AUDITORS. Yes you heard me. That is like letting Al Capone Hand Pick His Tax Auditor, which would have kept him out of Jail...
So Do the Math, and Read the Truth for yourself. The Bankers are STEALING ALL OUR WEALTH, and you people do NOTHING to STOP THEM…What can you do? What do you see ME DOING? DUH. You got to start somewhere, why not here. By the way, the National Debt IS the debt Instrument the Bankers are Holding over every one of our heads, and we all know it will NEVER BE PAID OFF, till the Bankers OWN US AS WELL.

7 thoughts on “FRAContract_With America

  1. I have added the FULL Text of the Federal Reserve Act as another Full Page. You can find the Link in the Top Most Menu called “TEXT of Contract With America “

  2. Can we really expect our POTUS to lead us out of this ? Leaders in either House of Congress ?
    I definitely think… not a snowballs chance in hell !

  3. Actually I don’t believe One single man can. Look what happened to JFK and Robert Kennedy. They were murdered by the men who own the Money of the world. It would take a Super Pact of people to over throw the Cabal of Super Rich like the Rothschild’s, Morgan Chase, Rockefeller’s and such

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