USA sovereignty ends?

The Beginning of the NEW WORLD ORDER and One World Government

This is not likely to happen with the show of military leadership and organization into groups who will make this a myth, stopping the progressive/Marxist movement NOW!

Renew America

By Sher Zieve

June 24, 1015 In 2008, we warned you about Obama. Over and over again, we presented material documents showing that Obama had worked with and still worked with the enemies – many like Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn who did so with extreme violence – of the USA, its people…and, ultimately, every area where liberty lived.
However, not willing to bother with any and/or all facts but, preferring the super-charged emotion of the dictator-to-be moment, too many Americans voted for him anyway. Besides, many US citizens had to prove they weren’t racist – so they voted for a Democrat-advertised half-black man who had only recently begun a career in politics. But, he had a winning way about him…

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